Posted on June 14, 2011 at 5:47 am

What's Happenin'

MidEastDynasty fuses Middle Eastern and American Hip-Hop Music! reveals their highly anticipated website with hopes of bridging the sound barrier that exists between the Middle East and America.

Founded and owned by Los Angeles/Dubai-based rapper, Deen and business partners, Joe Park & Sekander Bekeran. features artists based out of the Middle East region, as well as, artists from all over the world with a Middle Eastern, North African or South Asian background.

“As an artist, who is based out of L.A. & the Middle East, I’ve seen the struggles and limitations artists experience trying to get themselves heard through media outlets relevant to the Middle East region. I felt it was necessary to create a place where Middle Eastern artists could be found and recognized for their work. With our goal is to not only provide artists a place to have their music showcased, but we also hope to create celebrity around them and help break them into the regional & international markets,” says founder, Deen.

With a focus on primarily anything hip-hop related relevant to the Middle East, the artists featured have a Middle Eastern background or Muslim faith as artists are based and viewed by the population in the region. Also featured are artists that have worked with Middle Eastern artists and those who have created content around topics that effect the region. Keeping up with the trends and co-branding exclusive bloggers like “Danny Good News” introduces content from the States & around the Western world and seeks to familiarize people with the overall goal of bridging the gap between the West & and the Middle East. Over 50 artists from all over the world have been featured on the site, so far. Artists such as: Deen (Dubai/LA), Arabian Knightz, Ghost, DJ Warrior, Fredwreck, Belly, Bishop Lamont, Lowkey, Malikah, Shadia Mansour, DJ Lethal Skillz, and the list goes on.

“I think this is a dope concept, just seeing music from another country that still fuses America in their brand is a step in the right direction for music as a whole,” says New York DJ Self and blog owner of

Using as a tool to break mainstream artists into the Middle East region and vice versa, the site will have spotlight and contributors from major labels to assist with scouting efforts and placements. is a hip hop news website founded in 2011. Using all things relevant to the Middle East, hip-hop encouragement and using music to uplift the community, features artists nationally and internationally and provides exposure across the regions.

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