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*Exclusive Interview* 3Mix

If you didn’t believe in destiny before reading this interview, I think you’ll change your mind when you hear about 3Mix.  The group consists of 3 very talented artists: Myan, Usman, and Karim.  The three boys met at an audition for Bombay Dreams.  However, it was their own dreams that were going to come true that day as destiny had something else in store for them.  Since that fateful day in 2004, the boys have become one of the best known desi boy bands in the UK.  Read on get to know the boys and get ready for some laughs as well!

UA: I’ve read that you boys all met at an audition for Bombay Dreams. What part were each of you auditioning for and how did you decide to form a band together?  Did you know each other before the audition?

Myan: We attended an open audition which was not specifically for any part. I met Karim on that day and I introduced him to usman a week later. We decided to form the group because we all shared the same passion, got on very well and thought it would be a good idea.

UA: Do you think you’ll ever transition to acting from music?  After all, Reality TV shows are gaining momentum, so maybe a 3Mix variety show is in your future?  Or, would you prefer transitioning to movies like others singers like Justin Timberlake, Cher, etc. have done? Which actresses would you want paired opposite you?

Usman: It’s definitely something we want to do. We have actually done acting before we got in to music. A reality tv show on 3mix would be very cool, I think it will be really entertaining for viewers to watch. At the same time would love to go into movies – Hollywood and Bollywood! I’d love to be paired with Bipasha Basu. She looks fit in Jism! lol

Karim : Deepika

Myan: Eva Mendes

UA: Who came up with the name 3mix and which other names were you considering?  If I joined your group would you change the name to 4Mix? (just kidding of course!)

Usman: After a serious long brain storming session, one of my cousins said 3MIX, and we just all liked the sound of it! It was spot on and suited us very well.

Myan: We had names like Irregular… And some really boring ones I can’t remember!

Karim: If you were in the band we would have to call it 4play! Lol 🙂

UA: If you all had a drink named after you called “3Mix” what are the three things each of you would want to be in the drink?

Myan: Vodka, touch of Lemonade and blackcurrent!

Usman: Coffee, hot water and milkshake.

Karim: Redbull, Orange Juice and Water.

UA: The UK Urban Music scene has grown in recent years. How did it feel being part of this UK Indian music revolution?  Did you ever think that Indian music would be so popular in the UK?

Karim: We are proud to be part of a movement which is growing day by day. I believe that this is only the beginning and there is still a long way to go…

Myan: Yes because the UK is full of Indians!

Usman: I hope our album will play a major factor in continuing the growth of the UK asian music scene.

UA: One of the hottest male solo artists in the UK desi scene these days is Navin Kundra.  You all collaborated with Navin on the highly addictive dance track “Nachle.”  How did this collaboration come about?

Karim: We were both working with the same producer. Navin recorded a Panjabi version of the song and we recorded an English version. Mushtaq came up with the idea to fuse the two tracks into one, and the outcome was Nachle.

UA: Since your track is named “Nachle” I gotta ask, are you boys good dancers?  Who is the best dancer from the three of you?

Usman: Me, I can moonwalk.

Karim: Me, my inspiration is Napolean Dynamite.

Myan: Me 🙂 I’m a bit like Carlton Banks!

UA: Can you give us any sneak peaks into your next single or possible album?  Are you in the works on any other collaborations?  Who would you like to collaborate with next?

Myan: Good news is our next single is ready. Bad news is we want it to be a surprise!  We only just gave you Nachle, jeez lol. Let’s make this track huge first. 🙂

Usman: I can’t give too much away but what I can say is that the album is ridiculously good!

UA: Any other message for your fans?

Karim: Thanks for all the love you have shown us in the past! We have created this album just for you, so please support the singles and the album, by sharing the links, requesting the track at your local radio station and keep in touch with us at, Facebook and twitter. Believe me, there is a lot to come!

Myan: we also would like to thank Urban Asian for supporting the movement and giving us this platform to share our thoughts and music with world! Much Love x

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