Posted on June 8, 2011 at 11:24 pm

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British Asian Rapper Shizzio Talks His Way Into History Books

Hip hop star Shizzio became the first British Asian music star to deliver a speech at the world famous TED TALKS forum, which was held at Oxford university in the presence of students, professors and very high profile people from the world business and showbiz. The highly acclaimed scholars from Oxford and Cambridge university, celebrities and business moguls listened intently as the young rap star from London delivered a speech that mixed up his own personal experiences along with his ideas of what success really means. “Speaking on such an prestigious platform was an absolute honour. I’m just a street kid and for the committee to find me, learn about what I did and then ask me to speak at such a prestigious event was truly unbelievable. No rapper has ever addressed a TED TALKS Oxford stage before so for it to be, an Asian kid is beyond words.”

The normally confident and confrontational rap star admitted to feeling pressure in the lead up to the event, joking that he didn’t eat or sleep for three days. “I never felt so much pressure in my life! I knew I was representing street kids, the minority, urban culture and Asians as a whole. When I was there the whole day I wanted to be sick because the pressure was getting too much. I however held it together and when I hit that stage it all went away and everything just seemed right,” said Shizzio.

Shizzio had the audience captivated despite not having a prepared speech or slides and rounded off the talk with quick performance of his song Live For The Moment. “It was just a mic, me and the audience. Millionaires, the world’s smartest professors and the worlds Elite gave speeches and yet someone who started making music in his mums shed got the standing ovation. Afterwards a prestigious Oxford university professor who also gave a speech said to me that I had the best speech and I was the highlight of the event. In fact Richard Branson’s mum said if she was my mum she would be proud of me.”

Big names who have delivered inspirational speeches on the same stage in the past include Bill Gates, Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Bono and a host of Nobel Prize winners.

This story just proves that hard work and dedication can  make your wildest dreams, or even things you would never expect to happen to you, become a reality.

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