Posted on June 6, 2011 at 2:17 pm

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Avina's "Dil Deewana" now out on iTunes

Gorgeous British singer on the rise Avina Shah has just released her second single in iTunes!!

Avina Shah’s second single ‘Dil Deewana’ (ft. Blaze Blackheart & B-Sing) is now available on iTunes, get it today!

After the success of her debut single “Tere Bina,” her second single, “Dil Deewana” is bound to be another hit from the sweet singer.

“Dil deewana is a carefree dance track all about letting go, forgetting your troubles and letting your hair down on a night out,” said Avina. “It’s very light-hearted, hence the title meaning ‘my heart is crazy’ and shows a totally new side of my personality! The music features a creative mixture of different styles as we wanted to add variation to the track. The video also shows the different moods with its energetic choreography and various image changes.”

The new track combines an eclectic mix of electro pop and Reggaeton beats with Avina’s sugar sweet Hindi lyrics. It also features rapper Blaze Blackheart, along with Balwant Panesar and his breathtaking classical vocals, to add a new twist to the track which will be accompanied by an animated music video.

Just take a look ‘Behind the Scenes’ of the new music video, the official music video will be released very soon!

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