Posted on May 29, 2011 at 7:26 pm

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Nelly Battling Drug And Money Issues?

The disgruntled former manager, known as Slim, also claims that the star is addicted to steroids and abuses cocaine…

However Nelly insists the stories are false and even took to his Twitter yesterday to debunk the claims. ‘I no some hoping that 4closure statement is tru but I’m sorry EPIC FAIL!’ Nelly tweeted.

I ‘Don’t nothing go in this body but fish, chicken, turkey, protein, ROZAY, ciroc remy and Budweiser,’ he continued, referring to the allegation that he abuses steroids. The Texas native has had to address rumours of steroid use in the past after a celebrity drug dealer fingered the star as one of his long list of high-profile clientèle back in 2008. ‘The only people who say that is people who don’t work out. Anyone who goes to the gym knows what Nelly is doing is nothing,’ Nelly said during a late 2008 interview when he was asked about the rumours. The rap artist has been dating R&B star Ashanti since 2004 although the pair have always refused to acknowledge their romance publicly.

I guess when an artist lets go of their manager they get so mad to the point of snitching.. I see it like this STOP snitching and worry about how your going to eat again, instead of trying to tear the artist down thinking that is going to help you get back in, your doing nothing but making it worse for yourself…

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