Posted on May 26, 2011 at 3:49 pm

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Multi-talented starlet Raja Kumari's got a heart

Raja Kumari is a MC/singer/songwriter/activist who blends future-forward hip hop, indo-beat, Bollywood, and electro with elements of traditional Indian dance rhythms. Born and raised in Los Angelos, Raja Kumari is a multi-talented Indian pop-Bollyhood-artist making strides in the industry with her fusion of music.There’s already a buzz around the artist who has collaborated with industry greats such as Polow Da Don, Max Methods,  J.R. Rotem,  TImbaland,  Rodney Jerkins,  Scott Storch, P.J Bianco, Soulshock and Karlin,  and Fernando Garibay after signing with W.O.W. Music!

Raja Kumari, born Svetha Rao is a classical Indian dance prodigy, trained in 3 classical dance forms and debuting at the age of 7 in front of legendary sitar player Ravi Shankar who described the starlet as “beyond her years.”

It wasn’t until the fifth grade when Svetha discovered him hop with The Fugees “The Score,” the first english-language record she heard. By 14, the starlet was a respected freestyle MC with the name Indian Princess (IP) in her teen years which later became Raja Kumari which means Princess in Sanskrit.

Raja Kumari not only has a long list of talents but the starlet has a generous heart raising over $80,000 for various charities through her performances: contributing to the building of a hospital in Bangalore and a meditation hall in South India for the Vegesna Foundation (School for Physically Handicapped Children). She has been named a benefactor of the Indic Foundation. She received the Kohinoor Award for Excellence in the Classical Arts and has won numerous talent competitions. The talented artists also holds a BA degree in Religious Studies, with an emphasis in South Asian Religion.

“I represent conscious hip hop,” said Raja Kumari. “I want to make people open their mind to the possibility of hip hop that enlightens and lifts people, not just crap rap and rhymes about guns and drugs.”

With such much talent and such a big heart Raja Kumari is ready to save the world with her music one city at a time! Just listen to her latest single, “Free Bird!” Get ready world because Raja Kumari is here!

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