Posted on May 24, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Music What's Happenin'

Janeman pt 2 to release on iTunes!

After Raxstar’s hit “Janeman,” there has been an amazing response to Kee’s comeback to the track titles “Janeman part 2!”

“Jaaneman has been embraced by people and I think Kee played an integral part in that, it was only right that she got to tell her part of the story,” said Raxstar. “This whole project has been such a pleasure to work on and I hope Kee gets the recognition she deserves.”

The music video for the soulful track just released and on May 30th the track will release in iTunes! Kee’s vocals are amazing on this track, it’s very different from the party beats and hard edged singles she’s released before. Raxstar’s smooth rhymes just make this track even more addicting!

I am humbled by the response and blessed I had the opportunity to work with such talented people,” said Kee. “The pressure was on but the beautiful composition put together by Sunit made my reply to Raxstar seem effortless.  I hope you enjoy the video which is a whole new look for me, with a new sound.  – Thank you for your continued support, I dedicate this song to all the Jaanemans out there!”

Be sure to get the track of iTunes ASAP! Don’t forget to keep up with Kee and Raxstar on twitter!

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