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G-Deep has made quite a name for himself in the world of Punjabi music, quickly establishing himself as a very talented singer and lyricist. “O’Billo” marks the debut of G-Deep’s first Hindi album. Like G-Deep’s prior Punjabi albums, this Hindi album features soulful lyrics and fantastic instrumentation, all supported by G-Deep’s powerful vocals. G-Deep has a very large fan following in the states, both locally in New York and elsewhere in the US, but his fan following is just as strong globally. In fact, G-Deep did a recent tour around India that was very successful.

Overally, “O’Billo” is a very high quality album with some excellent tracks. Read below for a complete review.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Track #1 – O’Billo – 5/5
Right out of the gates, G-Deep hits a homerun with title track “O’Billo.” The song is a romantic number and, unlike most Hindi romantic tracks, is primarily dominated by an electric guitar in the background. This ingenious move of deviating from typical romantic tracks reflects G-Deep’s prowess with music production. G-Deep infuses just the right amount of masti into the track with his singing. “O-Billo” is sure to be on repeat on your mp3 players… at least it is on mine! I gave this song a 5/5 because it is a complete package as a song and, when you hear it, you’ll agree that it doesn’t drop at any point in the song.

Track #2 – Nach Le – 4/5
The song opens with a rap and is quickly accompanied by G-Deep. Like Track 1, Track 2 is also a love song. The song has a more R & B feel than Track 1 and also, being a duet, has rap interludes between the main bars of the song. G-Deep expresses the poet in him with lyrics like “Ishq ka dariya aisa hai, jise koi samaj na paya.” The reason I took away a point is that this track pales slightly compared to “O-Billo” and “Mahi Mera,” which it is sandwiched between on the album.

Track #3 – Mahi Mera – 5/5
This is one of the slower tracks on the album, but G-Deep’s ability to pull at your heartstrings pulls you into the song from the first few seconds. From all the tracks, “Mahi Mera” best showcases G-Deep’s vocal talent and singing range. He’s able to infuse emotion into each word of the song. The song takes you on a journey through the full cycle of a relationship: love, separation, heartbreak and devotion.

When I heard the track, I couldn’t help but think that this song could easily have been utilized in a Hindi movie, when the scorned lover is just walking and reflecting on events that occurred. Like “O-Billo”, “Mahi Mera” is also supported by interesting guitar riffs between the vocals. “Mahi Mera” is a perfect track lyrically, vocally, and musically. Another homerun for G-Deep!

Track #4 – Saali Zindagi – 4/5
Having shown his pensive side in “Mahi Mera,” G-Deep turns to comedy on “Saali Zindagi.” In the track, he opines about and exaggerates everyman’s daily struggle in this well-worded semi-comic song.  Although, this is definitely a good track, it falls slightly short of a full 5/5 because it follows a powerful tune like “Mahi Mera.” The track also doesn’t showcase G-Deep’s vocals as well as these earlier tracks did. However, I commend G-Deep for not being afraid to experiment vocally and stylistically.

Track #5 – Teri Yaadon Mein – 3.5/5
Having heard two very strong tracks earlier, G-Deep set the bar high for the album. “Teri Yaadon Mein” is a great track, but in comparison to tunes like “Mahi Mera” and “O’Billo”, it just slightly misses the mark. Tracks 1 and 3 are masterfully put together and on each listen, you can notice new nuances in the tracks. Track 5, while a good listen, lacks the multi-dimensionality of the earlier tunes.

Track #6 – Kitne Kareeb Se Dekhi Hai Haar – 5/5
This is by far my favorite track on G-Deep’s album. Perhaps it is because I listened to the album when studying for finals, but his message of always maintaining a positive attitude (which is also my own mantra for life) resonated with me. Track 6 is a feel-good up-tempo tune with an excellent message about picking yourself up after any failure. G-Deep reflects on how he too has seen failure, but hard work and perseverance allowed him to overcome the failures and keep moving. G-Deep’s journey to stardom was not an overnight one, but he too faced initial struggles. The song suggests that even if one fails at something, one should learn from one’s mistakes and carry on. Another homerun for G-Deep!

Track #7 – Lamha – 4/5
In contrast to the up-beat of Track 6, Track 7 slows things down a bit and again displays an emotional G-Deep. At the start of the track, G-Deep dedicates the song to all the mothers who have lost their sons in war. G-Deep again sets the mood for the track with his commanding vocals and emotional connect to the lyrics. He aptly displays the sense of yearning a mother feels for her son who is battle. However, it is slightly less powerful than the emotional pull of “Mahi Mera.” This track too sounds like it could play in a Bollywood movie.

Track #8 – Tera Pyaar Hai Zaroori – 4.5/5
Like “Mahi Mera”, Track 8 also is a romantic track. The lyrics in the track are good on their own, but they reach a different dimension thanks to G-Deep’s ability to both connect with the lyrics to inject life into them and also, his ability to pull the listener into the story he wants to tell through the lyrics. It is another great track on the album!

Track #9 – Kya Mange – 4.5/5
This track is one of the shorter songs on the album, but as they say in Hindi, it’s a “chotta packet, bada dhamaka.” The lyrics are not as extensive as some of G-Deep’s other tracks on the album – probably due to the shorter length of the track – but it is this reason that the song also gets stuck in your head after listening to it. You will find yourself humming to it throughout the day. The muted guitar and drum beat give an island vibe.

Track #10 – Bewafa – 3/5
Vocally, G-Deep does well in the track. However, the musical support is not as strong, making the song fall a bit flat in comparison to the rest of the album.

Track #11 – Tere Pyaar Mein – 3.5/5
Again, the problem with the track is not G-Deep’s vocals, but this song too lacks the multidimensionality of some of his other tracks.

Track #12 – Rabba Mere Haal Ke Mehram Tu – 5/5
After two misses with Tracks 10 and 11, Track 12 saves the album by ending on a high note. G-Deep’s vocals dominate the song and draw you in immediately. The arrangement for the tune is excellent as well. It is a complete package as a song.

Overall, “O Billo” is an excellent Hindi debut for G-Deep that showcases his talent well. This is one album that needs to be in your collection!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5.0

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