Posted on May 10, 2011 at 2:56 pm

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Bollywood Love for Coconuts: Part VIII: “Control your BW”

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Remember that scene in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge where Raj and Simran serenaded one another in a field of yellow flowers? Oh, and do you remember that catchy tune that played each time they thought of one another? Well, Raj and Kiran suffered from the BW syndrome, did you know that?

It goes without saying that when a person feels happy and excited at the thought of a new love interest, they see the world through rose colored glasses. The saying is old and its been tried and tested…it’s a fact, it’s a reality. It’s all about controlling your BW!!

BW is a syndrome, the Bollywood Syndrome and filmi lovers know that their love for Bollywood films can hinder their expectations of love. The BW syndrome blends the lines between what seems logical and illogical and what is imaginary and what is real. Symptoms include: running around in large open spaces, playing hide and seek behind trees, hearing a Bollywood film soundtrack playing in the background when you feel like you have met the one, and busting out into intricate dance moves at the thought of a blissful future with that special someone. The BW syndrome is real and many mangoes and coconuts are victimized by it.

With that said, what do true romantics feel when they meet the one. You know, the one who makes everything seem possible. How does a person control their excitement and how do they control their expectations? The key is to always be realistic and be as natural and true to ourselves as possible. Bollywood films have not only entertained many, but they have fed people false expectations when it comes to love and how people should deal with it. The key here is to effectively create the division between real love and reel love. It may sound silly, but it is a practice worth taking note of.

Stay calm, cool and collected – Interact with the person naturally without any over the top remarks and gestures. Be real, not reel.

Be realistic – It is harder than it sounds, but expect the unexpected and go into all dates and conversations expecting to learn something new about the person.

Be Friendly – Don’t push for anything too serious too soon. Be natural and be friendly, allow the relationship to grow. Unlike Bollywood films, the flowers don’t bloom overnight.

Tread slowly and with ease and great things will come in time. Yup, this love story will definitely be longer than a 3 hour film.

Do you suffer from the BW syndrome? What are your symptoms?

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