Posted on April 21, 2011 at 11:14 pm

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The Game Arrested For Trying To Enter Canada

The Game was detained by Canadian officials today for trying to enter without their permission. His 4/20 literally went up in smoke!

Fresh from Australia, Game was traveling to Canada to perform at several shows on Wednesday, April 20. After waiting in customs for three hours, he was denied entry. “Customs officials just denied me entry into Canada. I’m sorry 2 ALL my fans but I was mislead by promoters & assured I would be able 2 enter,” he tweeted.

But things soon went from bad to worse. “This just in: I’m being detained in Canada for 14 days until they process my inadmissability then I’ll have a hearing heard by a judge,” he added. “At that point the judge will decide to either deport me or give me a sentence for violating Canada’s immigrant entry laws.”

While not happy with the situation, he still managed to stay positive. “F%cked up situation !!! But at least they let me call home, & tweet before they lock a n!gga up !!! Gotta turn in my property, y’all be kool,” he wrote. “Gotta give up my phone & property. This some straight bullshit ! Flew all the way from LA to be denied and detained ?!?! WTF.”

That is messed up, I mean his team didn’t know Canada law before having him fly out there only to be arrested? Someone needs to be fired! He will be held for 14 days, and see the reason he was detained and denied entry was because of his criminal record. Anyone with a criminal record trying to enter Canada from a foreign country even though the US is right under it will be detained /or sentenced /or fined for violating Canadian Immigration & Customs laws.  Canada does not play…

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