Posted on April 8, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Music What's Happenin'


Rapper Sullee J can’t sit still!  Earlier this week he dropped a vid for new track “Feelings” (available as a free download to his fans).  Now, he’s been recognized by Par-City, a rap group based in The Bronx New York.

Par-City will be dropping new songs every week from different artists they respect. The free downloads are a means to connect their fans to good music they otherwise may have missed.  Last week, Par-City kicked off their free downloads with the track “Money on my Head” featuring Shady Records’ Joe Budden. This week, they’ve featured a track by Sullee J and New York rapper Rapper Prezzure (Brother to Rap Radar’s Elliot Willson).

Our sources tell us that Par-City member GiF came up with the song concept —

“When we heard this beat, we knew almost right away that the tone of the song needed to be a more contemplative one. Almost like a conversation with one’s own mental. With the economy the way it is, we tried to put ourselves in the mindset of someone who is in dire straights and willing to do anything to provide for himself and his family.”

Willy Dope further explained

“Both PreZZure and Sullee J have a unique sound that fits perfectly for the track — PreZZure has a laid back bass filled sound versus Sullee J’s agressive machine gun-like delivery — it makes for an interesting balance of styles.”

Check out the track here: – It’s a free download so be sure to check it out!

Feelings – FREE DOWNLOAD LINK on the youtube site below!

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