Posted on April 20, 2011 at 9:17 pm

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Rahman Noodles Video #3 Out Now – Damian Marley & AR Rahman

Chicken Tikka meets Grits. Curry meets Steak. You get the idea.

Rahman Noodles takes samples of AR Rahman’s work, like from Slumdog Millionaire,  and samples from various western musicians, like Michael Jackson and Jay-Z; all works are taken completely apart and put back together, mixed with the finest of spices and elements of RajStar’s own production to bring you a completely unique sound- Rahman Noodles.

The new mashup video for “Welcome Da” off of RajStar’s Rahman Noodles Album is featuring Damian Marley and AR Rahman.

It is definitely a must see, so check it out!

Thanks to all of the support from the most amazing fans, we have included a free download at:

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