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Dum Maaro Dum – Film Review

One of our Urban Asian contributors, Harshita Kohli, had a chance to check out Dum Maaro Dum and has written up a review for you, the readers.  Read Harshita’s full review below:

Dum Maaro Dum (DMD) is your usual cop chasing the bad guy.  Here, Abhishek’s the cop and the bad guy is a drug lord who has almost all of Goa hooked on drugs. How Abhishek succeeds in winning the battle is what DMD is all about.

What works? Rana Dagubatti’s debut. Outstanding, understated and very endearing. In fact the casting on the whole is very well done. Abhishek might be the main lead but the rest of the cast – Bipasha, Prateik and Aditya Panscholi – stand out in their small yet respectable roles. Bipasha is looking smoking hot and exactly the kind of girl you want to meet when on a holiday on beach. The music and cinematography is good too. Rohan Sippy’s edgy personality and Sriram Raghavan’s passion for suspense make a good combination.

What doesn’t work? The screenplay falls weak in quite a few places. There are many spots where you will find gaping loopholes in the story line. One half (pre-interval in India) is way pacier and tightly held than the second half. On the whole if the script was slightly more tightly held it wouldn’t have been so easy to pick up the clues. I knew the ending 30 odd minutes before the climax. So that was a big bummer esp since this was pegged as a suspense thriller.

Should you go for it? With Deepika’s short skirt there to beckon you are you really asking us? We’d say go for it but keep your expectations low. Even if the story disappoints, there is enough eye candy and good music to ensure you don’t get bored.

Harshita: Rating: 2.5/5

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