Posted on March 5, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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Will Dutta get his vision back on Laagi Tuhjse Lagan?

On NDTV Imagine’s “Laagi Tuhjse Lagan” Dutta and Nakusha will be touched by Gods in the form of a Mahadev and Sundari!

During the holy time of Shivrathri Dutta and Nakusha played by Mishal Raheja and Mahi Vij, look for shelter in the dark jungle until they finally find some shelter. Pained by Dutta’s loss of vision Nakusha decides to to a special Puja for her love on Shivrathri using two stones as the Gods Shiv and Parvati. She asks the Gods to walk into their lives and give Dutta back his vision. Miraculously as she is praying a couple, played by Darpan Shrivastava and Meghna Solanki have a divine entrance into the show.

“Darpan essays the role of Mahadev, and Meghna plays his wife Sundari. They have a hearty talk with Nakusha who expresses her grief and problems. They give Nakku a particular medicine which would help Dutta in getting back his eyesight,” said a source. “With time, Dutta gets back his eye sight, and slowly Mahadev and Sundari become the strong right hand of Dutta and Nakku. In due course of time, they will help him in his fight against Chaskar and Kala.”

Stay Tuned to find out more about how Mahadev and Sundari help Dutta and Nakku on “Laagi Tuhjse Lagan!”

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