Posted on March 10, 2011 at 3:40 am

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Voting with the Stars for the IIFA Awards!

The 12th annual IIFA Awards are just around the corner and all the stars came out to vote for the winners!

The IIFA Awards is a unique award show that promotes Indian cinema globally, spearheaded by India’s first and premier event management and entertainment agency, Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.. The IIFA Weekend and Award show is a great celebration that brings fans closer to their favorite stars.

It is a chance for the film fraternity itself to spend some quality time together because, as Vishal Bharadwaj mentions, they are a like joint family as well.

The Roshans were obviously there to do their part. Cutie Hrithik Roshan looked adorable in his plaid button down and faded jeans, very All-American-rugged-wilderness man, no?

Kangana Ranaut rocked her crazy curls and aviators at the voting weekend.

Bollywood’s self-proclaimed “Prince,” Vivek Oberoi took some time out of his newly married life to join his fellow superstars to vote this weekend. Blue is definitely this cutie’s color but knowing Vivek I’m a little afraid to ask what there is a picture of on his grungy looking T-shirt underneath.

Diya Mirza looking sweet as ever. The former beauty queen looks hard at work voting for her favorites of the year!

Director Vishal Bharadwaj even whipped out his trusty glasses for the computerized voting. I’m loving the chains on his glasses, very Dada-ji-esque?

The IIFA Awards nominees are chosen by film producers and then voted upon by members of the film fraternity. The votes for the technical awards are counted during this process and the nominations for the popular awards are then set to be voted upon by the millions of fans via MSN.

Each year the award show is located at another glamorous new location and this year’s awards will be held in Toronto, Canada! Thousands of Canadians are coming out to see the show, so much so that the tickets were sold out six months in advance! More tickets had to be printed this January to meet the demands of fans!

Be sure to tune in when the IIFA Awards air live on TV!

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