Posted on March 18, 2011 at 11:34 pm

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The Bilz and Kashif bring down the house in NYC!

After a big hit in Suriname, the sexy Canadians bring down the house in NYC at the Queens College Desi Formal!

The party was a big hit and the Bilz and Kashif definitely delivered! There was approximately 500 guests attending the event dressed to spice up the night desi style!

After the host, Monty, introduced the executive board of the South Asian Student Association and it’s affiliates who organized the entire event, the performances began!

First was Queens College’s own QC Bhangra team with colorful costumes and a traditional punjabi perfomance!

Then came neighboring St. John’s very own SJU Raaz! The girls gave a hot performance with a blend of bollywood, classical, hip-hop and contemporary dance.


The SJU girls were followed by the SJU Bhangra boys!!

Lastly the infamous dance team who put bollywood dance teams on the map, the Wanted Ashiqz performed!!!

The boys definitely live up the hype!

Super cute, super talented and super creative! They gave a stunt-filled amazing tribute to some of the greatest hits of their favorite stars from Salman Khan to Micheal Jackson!

You didn’t even have time to blink!

Of course, the best was saved for last, The Bilz and Kashif performed later in the night to some of their biggest hits from their album Breaking Barriers, like  “2 Step Bhangra,” “Turn the Music Up” and “Against all Odds.”

The girls went crazy! The boys even brought up one lucky fan to sing their hit “Tera Nasha” to her!

Although due to strict security the party got off to late start. Mobs of impatient students had to wait quite a while out in the lobby to get in but the crowd was so pumped when the party started all was forgotten. DJ Rohit, DJ Sharad and DJ Billy G provided the perfect vibes to get the party jumping till 1AM!

Don’t forget The Bilz and Kashif will be releasing their latest surprise video soon! AND We’ve got an exclusive interview with the boys so be on the look out readers!

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