Posted on March 29, 2011 at 11:27 pm

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Tere Liye's Final Week

During this final week of Star Plus’s show Tere Liye, the characters faced lots of twists before the Maha episode ending the show on April 2nd.

“The story of Tere Liye was not a simple one that could be ended very easily,” said a source. “The show started with Anurag being in the mental asylum, and we had to reach that very point if a culmination to the story had to be given. Few major tracks had been planned for the coming months, but unfortunately that was not the case.  When the decision was taken by the channel to terminate the show, the creative team had to intensify the story so that the high point is reached. The team has tried its level best to give a justifiable end”.

Taani tries to spread some joy by taking Ritesh’s daughter and Anurag out to a mela but Jonaki kidnaps Ritesh’s daughter! Jonaki wants everyone to blame Taani for losing the girl, and then praise Jonaki for “finding” her but unfortunately the little girl dies during a terrible stampede at the mela! Taani goes into shock, Ritesh obviously hurt and angered by the loss of his child, blames Anurag lodging a complaint against him and in a change of heat Jonaki finally accepts Robbie’s child!

Taani hasn’t reacted to any medical treatment and Anurag has lost everything so he decides to take Taani back to the USA but she refuses to leave. Just as Anurag decides to leave on his own, Taani discovers she is pregnant! The couple plan to meet one last time at their usual spot, Jharna but Ritesh over hears their conversation and has an evil plan of his own! Ritesh plans to push Taani off of the cliff but in a fight Anurag falls instead causing him to becoming mentally unstable.

Years pass and we see Taani raising her child on her own as well has taking care of Anurags family, Jonaki and the kids. In her efforts to support the family she’s become a famous singer and Ritesh is the sole owner of the entire Ganguly property. This is when the flashbacks end and the story comes to the present where Anurag is in the mental Asylum and Taani tries one more time to make Anurag better. She fails and goes home distraught only to figure out that Anurag is faking! He’s not really ill! Why was he faking? And will their still be a happy ending? Find out this last week of Tere Liye!

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