Posted on March 17, 2011 at 1:32 am

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Samrat Gets Outsourced!

If you’re an Indian living in the US (or even if you’re living abroad) you’ve probably become addicted to NBC’s hit comedy show “Outsourced.”  The premise behind the show is how some American companies outsource their work to Indian firms.  Todd, the male lead in the show, gets outsourced to an Indian “novelty goods” company as their new boss.  However, you’ll be amused to learn that there was an ironic twist when the team of “Outsourced” decided to hire Samrat Chakrabarti.

The talented star shares the tale with us:

“Funny story, I actually happened to be in India when I got the offer to do “Outsourced”. I had to cut my trip short to head back to the States. So, ironically, I was TRULY outsourced from India back to America, to do the show.”

Samrat will be reunited with his costar from the 2008 film Kissing CousinsRebecca Hazelwood (who plays Asha)… only this time they’ll be on opposing teams.  In tomorrow’s episode, titled “Todd’s Holi War”, Samrat Chakrabarti plays the head honcho from the “A” Team call center workers opposing Todd’s sales team for Mid American Novelties. With rivalries set in and a title remarking a “Holi War”, we can only expect a true Bollywood-style Holi celebration!

In addition to the regular “Outsourced” cast and Samrat, some of the biggest South Asian names on American TV including Ravi Patel, Noureen DeWulf and Indie Film King, will also be seen celebrating the festival of colors on national television.  Samrat gushes about his experience working with the Outsourced team and the multiple other South Asian actors joining in for this Holi bash:

“It was like a homecoming. There was a real comfortable vibe on set because many of us had worked with each other in the past. It felt more like play than work.”

Between the rival storyline, the highly playful group of actors, and the colorful celebrations of Holi, this episode will surely be a memorable one.  The episode staring Samrat will air tomorrow Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 10:30pm and is airing just in time to celebrate the Indian holiday of Holi.  So, be sure to tune in!

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