Posted on March 15, 2011 at 12:27 am

Indian TV What's Happenin'

Runjhun marries Guddu Shukla on Bhagowali

Runjhun’s nemisis Guddu Shukla is going to be her new husband!

Tonight on Bhagowali, Runjhun is supposed to marry the boy her grandmother picks out for her but Guddu Shukla is hired but Runjhun’s uncles to ruin the wedding. After the mala-exchanges Guddu Shukla kidnaps the actual groom and takes his place so the wedding ceremony actually happens with Guddu Shukla!

Guddu Shukla will remove his sehra shock the family members! Guddu Shukla confesses that he can never keep Runjhun happy because he hates her, poor Ammaji, after she worked so hard to keep her granddaughter happy!  What’s going to happen next? Find out tomorrow night on Zee TV’s Bhagowali!

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