Posted on March 2, 2011 at 7:25 pm

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New G-Deep "Saali Zindagi"

G-Deep is back with another hot video – “Saali Zindagi”!  This is the fourth single from his new album (“O’Billo”).  While his last release, “Maahi Mera“, showcased a somber G-Deep, this song, “Saali Zindagi” re-introduces G-Deep the romantic comedian.

Saali Zindagi” presents us with the story of Prem-G (a character that G-Deep has created especially for this song). Prem-G is a caricature of an average Indian hubby with a family who struggles to balance work and home life and is unhappy at work and with the way his life is going. This song gives a fun perspective on today’s life and times.  “Saali Zindgi” exaggerates everyman’s daily struggle in this well-worded semi-comic song. G-Deep tells us that the message he wished to present is that although life is difficult, we need to learn to conquer it. Fans will surely enjoy this side of G-Deep and can definitely relate to the message in this song.

With Saali Zindagi, G-Deep once again shows the audience his vast range – not only can he make wonderful music like Mahi Mera and O’Billo but is also fully capable of stating the truth about normal life.

As for the music video, the video takes us on a journey of Prem-G’s life from home, to work, and ends with Prem-G complaining to himself toward the end. The video hoped to bring to life the world that G-Deep created in the song and is filmed more closer to a  TV show to infuse some realism into the video.

Check out the video below!

Fans can download the O’Billo album on iTunes

Song – Saali Zindagi (Story of Prem-G)
Singer/Lyrics – G-Deep
Music – Senjay Luckey
Album – O’ Billo
Label – Saregama HMV (WorldWide) and Times Music (South East Asia)

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