Posted on March 30, 2011 at 9:52 pm

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Karan Johar: Not gay?

You must all be confused by the articles this week – first one announcing a book claiming Mahatma Gandhi was gay – and now this one on the other end of the spectrum regarding Karan Johar, whom a lot of people thought was gay but apparently isn’t.

The rumor flooding the internet is that director/producer/talk show host, Karan Johar is set to get married… to a girl (yup no Dostana for him!)  Many years back, Karan Johar had stated that he didn’t believe in the institute of marriage and so did not intend to ever get married.  Considering how many movies Karan had done on the sanctity of a relationship and it’s validation through marriage, this was surprising to all his fans.  However, if rumors are true, then Karan has changed his opinion and is ready to settle down himself with family friend, Vandana Melwani of New York.  The two apparently hit it off immediately.

So, Urban Asian would like to extend our congratulations to both Karan and Vandana.  Looks like the title of hottest bachelor in town is left to Salman Khan.

What do you all think?  Is Karan really getting married?  Is this all just a rumor?  Is Vanadana the right girl for Karan?  Share your thoughts with us below.

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