Posted on March 10, 2011 at 7:26 am

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Is Raju Johal Stirring Up Something New?

Raju Johal the hottest bhangra superstar is hitting the Asian music world soon presented by Inject Media.

They are an innovative and revolutionary company and a full service Artist Management and Artist Development organization located in Vancouver, British Columbia who has welcomed Raju Johal and Nick Chowlia to their family of new music talent.

Raju Johal is a Canadian artist, who has mad Dhol skills, with an uncommon singing style which takes a route from a little old school mixed with new school. Raju’s new single ‘Nachna Pasand’ is composed of this great background in music such as classical training, with elements of R&B, electronic sounds, folk, and the famous Dhol.

The single will be produced by Nick Chowlia. Nick is a well know music artist, who brings about the passion, knowledge, and experience from music. Two talented individuals working together will most defiantly be a number one hit.

Keep it locked to Urban Asian for the exclusives on March 25, 2011!!

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