Posted on March 7, 2011 at 5:03 am

Music What's Happenin'

Elvis' mixtape

Before you all start spreading rumors that Elvis is back from the grave, I’m gonna let you know that this Elvis isn’t the gyrating southerner. Well, he is from the South… but not the south you’re thinking of. I’m talking about DJ ELVIS of South Africa.  DJ ELVIS GANGIAH is a DJ, producer, and radio host for the show KLUB KULCHA on the radio station LOTUSFM in South Africa.

KK7 is a non-stop bollywood set that Elvis has created.  The show is running on the radio for the last 6 years and KK 7 is the 7th non stop set that DJ Elvis has done for his listeners and for anyone else who enjoys bollywood or fusion music.  KK 7 is slightly different from the prior mixes as ALL the remixes featured on this non-stop set are re-mixed by DJ ELVIS himself.

DJ ELVIS has remixed them using African House styled beats or as he tells us at Urban Asian, what he calls “afreakin style”.  House music is very popular in South Africa.  DJ ELVIS has seemlessly mixed the South African house style and fused it with Bollywood to make a unique global mix. DJ ELVIS has shared this amazing mix with Urban Asian to be shared with all of you readers. Check it out below!


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