Posted on March 18, 2011 at 6:16 am

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Bhangra music producer Inspekta releases his debut single

Look out Bhangra fans! Inspekta, a DJ and bhangra music producer at VooDoo Records and Dollar Media, has been working behind the scenes diligently for over a decade, and he is set to release his debut single.

Inspekta got a head start by experimenting with music when his infatuation with it began at the young age of 12. Shortly after progressing into production, he began to put his creative thoughts into beats and melodies.

He was signed by Envy Entertainment after impressing them with his talent, and instantly made his producing debut on the album “Death Jam 2004”. Because of his success with this album, he was offered many other huge opportunities.

Eventually, Inspekta set up his own recording studio with Time Productions in Birmingham titled “Dragon Layer Studios,” along with Voodoo Records.

Inspekta is expected to make his mark in 2011 with his debut single, “Dhuji Vari Na!” With the help of Jess Kalkat amd Punjab-based vocalist Ranjit Rana, this new single has a definitive edge that is bound to make it a hit.

The music video for “Dhuji Vari Na” features Ranjit Rana and Jass Kalkat, and it has been shot by Flying Solo Productions. Be sure to check out the video on YouTube!

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