Posted on March 31, 2011 at 2:56 am

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Bhangra Brothers Sun Baliye Official Video

Last week, we brought you news about the Bhangra Brothers new single Sun Baliye.  Now, we’re proud to bring you the official video. “Sun Baliye” is one track you can’t go wrong with as it features an amazing combination of the talents of Bhangra Brothers and also RDB. The track has a chilled out Bhangra vibe fusing the traditional tumbi beats with a western sound. Sung by Rowa (Gurinder) and Sikhsta (Manmander) the beats have been produced by global hit makers RDB who are not only rocking Bollywood right now but prove that Bhangra is still their forte.

The Bhangra Brothers consist of two brother Rowa and Siksta who sing, rap, and DJ. They hit the scene with their debut album “Soni Mutear” which immediately received praise from listeners and the media. Though they only have 1 album under their belt right now, the duo are far from being newcomers. The brothers have been DJs for 10 years and have toured all around Germany. Not only have they left a mark in Germany, with their songs used in some movies, but also have left a mark in the US when their songs were used as part of the Hollwood production ‘Bollywood Hero’ starring Chris Kattan and Neha Dhupia.

“Sun Baliye ft. RDB” is sure to be another plus point on the Bhangra Brothers resume as it has already gained popularity. In the UK, the song peaked at #4 in the Sunrise Radio Charts and is constant replay on radio stations around the UK. The music video has already had over 9000 hits!

Stay locked to UrbanAsian for details on these sensational brothers.

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