Posted on February 24, 2011 at 5:38 am

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Salman's New Ride

Take a peek at Salman Khan’s new ride! Cute isn’t it? Too bad it’s going to get blown up in a few takes!

Salman Khan never fails to impress with his crazy antics for his movies just like this tuk-tuk he is using for a high-voltage action stunt in Bhunshan Kumar’s “Ready” releasing June 3rd.  In the scene two tuk-tuks will blow up and an actor will be jumping into another one to drive off.

The film producers, T-series and Rajat Rawail, had to buy three tuk-tuks specially for the scene! They had to buy them out because it would face a lot of damage during the shoot but both Rajjat Rawail and Bhunshan Kumar were excited to do so. They want to create bigger and better action scenes for “Ready” than “Wanted” and “Dabangg” had.

Bhushan Kumar confirms, “It was Bhai’s idea to shoot with tuk-tuks which are very fast and powerful. He wanted to shoot an action sequence nobody has done before. People have shot romantic songs or scenes perhaps but such a high-voltage action sequence will be seen for the first time in ‘Ready’. People will enjoy this unique Thai action.”

Salman wanted to use the tuk-tuk on the narrow streets of Pattaya, Thailand because it was something original, we know how much Salman Khan loves to be original!

An insider adds, “Salman drove the tuk-tuk expertly, although it was his first time doing so!”

“Ready”sounds like another Salman Khan hit! Can’t wait to see the action this June!

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