Posted on February 26, 2011 at 8:34 am

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Prita Chhabra Rocks Palm Beach IndiaFest in "Signature" style

Over 10,000 attendees cheered on hometown favorite Prita Chhabra (Montreal-born, but raised in Orlando, Florida) at the 8th annual West Palm Beach Indiafest held last Saturday (February 19, 2011). The night also featured fellow Montreal singers The Bilz & Kashif who were also well received by the crowd.  However, in addition to these super singers, the crowd received the surprise of a lifetime when SIGNATURE took the stage.

SIGNATURE is best known for their 2008 appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” for over 19 million viewers.  The group consists of Suleman Mirza, an MJ impersonator, and Madhu Singh.  Their performance blew everyone away and garnered them worldwide recognition, including an appearance with Simon Cowell on the “Oprah Winfrey Show”  as well as an official stamp of approval from the late-Michael Jackson and the Jackson family.  In fact, the Jacksons loved SIGNATURE so much that they will be performing at the Michael Jackson tribute concert planned for Summer 2011 in the UK.

You can see the amazing footage yourself from the Palm Beach IndiaFest at the link below:

In case you never caught Signature on Britain’s Got Talent, check out the clip below:

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