Posted on February 13, 2011 at 4:00 pm

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Pragti and Sushmita join Choti Bahu

The new storyline of Choti Bahu gets more interesting by the day! Uttaran actresses Pragati Mehra and Sushmita Daan will also be seen on Zee TV in the sequel to “Choti Bahu!”

Pragati and Sushmita both have important roles in the show. While Pragati will be the negative lead, the evil Badi Bahu Maheshwari in “Choti Bahu” and sweet Sushmita will play the good little Devrani, Padma. Sushmita will be seen playing a loving widow with 2 children. Pragati is the Badi Thai of Avinash, who plays Dev on the show.

pragati mehra and sushmita daan join the new cast of choti bahu 2

Pragati has been away on holiday so she hasn’t been seen on “Uttaran” for a while but she will return shortly to “Uttaran” as well but she does confirm that she will even have a new look for “Choti Bahu.”

Gopi Desai, who played Radhika’s evil grandmother on the original show, will also return to the show with Avinash and Rubina, but as a positive character this time. The new season is set to begin on February 15th!

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