Posted on February 6, 2011 at 9:28 pm

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HIGHFLYERS-'Daru Naal Yaari' Promo

HighFlyers’ 3rd single ‘Daaru Naal Yaari’  Featuring (Late) Kaka Bhainiawala



Highflyers burst onto the Asian music scene last year with their hit debut single ‘Baa Farke’ and smash hit follow-up ‘The Shinda Duet’. They are now set to give us another true Bhangra classic in the form of their latest single ‘Daru Naal Yaari’ featuring the mighty vocals of the late Kaka Bhaniawala.

The dynamic duo decided to release a song which drove home the message of addiction, and ‘Daru Naal Yaari’ is a track that outlines such issues that trouble people in the everyday world. ‘The track is basically about a man’s addiction to alcohol and how issues in his life have drove him to it.’ explains DJ Indie.

‘Kaka Bhaniawala really does this track justice and drives the message home. Our creativity seems to really flow when using material sung by Kaka. He is truly inspirational and his vocal style works well with our style of production’ states DJ Gurj. Highflyers have certainly reached a high point in their musical journey so far. They will be releasing their debut album soon featuring a host of tracks designed for hardcore Bhangraheads and looking forward to planning for their follow-up album. In the meantime they continue to work the private party and club circuit with their Roadshow.

The single ‘Daru Naal Yaari’ by Highflyers featuring Kaka Bhaniawala will be available to download from iTunes from 17th February 2011. Watch out for the Official Music Video coming soon to UrbanAsian (Article Courtesy of

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