Posted on February 3, 2011 at 1:51 am

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From Hot Beats to Hotels… DJ Bijal

Apparently there’s no stopping DJ Bijal. Bijal is a DJ/Producer/Radio personality who is switching gears now and is set to be New York’s latest Hotelier!  Looks like trees are not the only things that grow in Brooklyn anymore as Bijal is all set to open up a new trendy hotel there – Hotel BPM.
In the music scene, DJ Bijal is known for his ground breaking accomplishments from producing songs for artists like Deesha and Sumeet, has appeared in numerous media outlets as MTV, has been recognized and featured by Serato Scratch Live to his mix-cd collaborations with major artists as Akon, Ne-Yo and Ryan Leslie, and last but not least, his own popular radio show “Everywhere Radio” which has aired on AOL Radio & Sirius Satellite Radio.

DJ Bijal is all about staying ahead of the game.  He’s definitely not a follower but instead is a creator.  So, now, he is set to design and develop his own brand, Hotel BPM, which is named after a music term.  BPM, known as “beats per minute” in music, indicates the pace count of a song.
The hotel, which is near the new Barclay Center in Brooklyn (new home of the Net’s Basketball team) will be an intimate trendy lifestyle hotel consisting of about 75 guest rooms.  The hotel is targeting the younger trendy travel who isn’t simply in need of a “bed and breakfast,” but is looking for an edgier venue.  Hotel BPM will feature an upbeat atmosphere, licensed music, trendy décor and upgraded guest amenities.  I know I definitely want to book a room there!
Hotel BPM will be coming to Brooklyn, New York in spring of 2011. Be sure to check out and follow Hotel BPM on their Twitter page for news and updates!
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