Posted on February 15, 2011 at 11:39 pm

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"Ethnic Banter"? Yeah Right!

Wiley, “Ethnic Banter”

As you may have heard there has been some “Ethnic Banter” going on according to Wiley the UK Grime artist. Wiley began passing racial comments over the social network ‘Twitter’ over a misunderstanding between him and the huge Asian RnB phenomenon Jay Sean. Wiley passed on comments of a racial nature towards Asians claiming “400’000 Jay Sean Fans” (as if all Jay Sean fans ACTUALLY ‘tweeted’ him) where began being racist towards him on ‘Twitter’. The million dollar question on everyones mind is “How did all this begin?”, well not even Wiley himself couldn’t answer that when he was interviewed by BBC Asian Network’s Bobby Friction as he passed on his immaturity on ‘Twitter’ as “Ethnic Banter”. Can someone ask this man what he defines as “Ethnic Banter”, well he can’t because he himself couldn’t explain it, he brushed it off by speaking about his school days in the playground, well… what’s changed since then Wiley? Looks like it’s nothing! Bobby Friction asked Wiley what he meant by his comment on ‘Twitter’ where he claimed that he would ‘slap off’ a turban of the next Asian man he sees and he stated “I meant exactly what I said”. This shows Wiley’s immaturity towards other cultures and immense lack of respect to not a race but a religious symbol! Let me tell you something WILEY being racial maybe one can brush off, but threatening about another’s belief and religious symbols is a SIN! No one commented on Christianity or Islamic symbols on your ‘Twitter’ so why talk about a Sikh man’s Turban? Educate yourself! That wasn’t racist that was pure disrespectful to another’s faith! A Sikh Man wears his Turban with great faith and pride same way a Christian would wear their cross and same goes for any other RELIGION(not race).

Jay Sean a British Asian born in a Sikh family

Asian Grime Artist Shizzio also had something to say to Wiley about his so called “Ethnic Banter” an instrumental composed by Wiley which he posted up for people to breathe their lyrics on. Check it out!

Personally, Well done Shizzio! Well said!

In the end this wasn’t nothing about Jay Sean, it was about Wiley disrespecting faith and passing racial comments to fans, your a public figure Wiley, and more than certain that you had maybe still have quite a big Asian fan base, you atleast owe them an appology! Oh and look at the latest, Wiley due to perform with Mumzy Stranger at the UK AMAs? WOW, talk about “Ethnic Banter” last time I checked Mumzy was Asian and AMA stands for Asian Music Awards…. What’s it going to be? An appology in person?

Thought of the Year “Love Music, Hate Racism”

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