Posted on February 11, 2011 at 6:32 pm

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Ehsan Bajwa Debut Single featuring Eren E- Sunnah (Trailer)

Ahsan Bajwa is making is debut in the Urban Asian Scene with his single “Sunnah- The Emptiness” produced by none other then Eren E. Many of us know Eren E the man behind success of Imran khan. Eren E has produced many of Imran khan work and was nominated as the best producer for the Brit Asia awards 2010. Ahsan is been writing songs for the past four years in Hindi and Punjabi. Recently, Ahsan recorded some songs and one of them was played on BBC Asian Network track called “Yaar Lable”. Ahsan met Eren E in 2010 where they recorded the track “Sunnah” also Ahsan and Eren is working on other tracks in Hindi as well. So Stay tuned..

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