Posted on February 24, 2011 at 8:40 pm

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Blitz goes Qawali for his new track!

Blitz is back! The talented artist is back with a new video for his single ” Dil Laghi” from the album “Get Blitz.” The track has a different twist, it’s produced by Mentor and features Rafaqat Ali Khan and Canadian rapper Choclair!
“I wanted this track to cater to a different demographic of my fans. My first single was Hindi feat RDB, second single was Bhangra with Juggy D, and now its time for some Qawali / Sufi style with Rafaqat Ali Khan & Mentor,” says Blitz. “I feel privileged to work with Canadian rap icon Choclair. I grew up listening to him, and he was the first urban Canadian artist to sign with a major label (Virgin / EMI)”.
Get the track off of iTunes today!

Dil Laghi (feat. Rafaqat Ali Khan & Choclair) – Get Blitz

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