Posted on February 15, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Music What's Happenin'


Purple Haze Productions Presents a phenomenal club banger called ‘Parking’ this tune is guaranteed to get you raving on your seats, infact  if you where in a club you will be the one requesting this song to the DJ! Don’t believe it? Take a look for yourself!

Amazing right? Okay so now you got to have it on your iPod so you can listen to it wherever and whenever, so here it a link to the song which is now available on iTunes for download! This amazing raver is yours for only 79p ($0.99) so go on and hit the following link for your copy of ‘Parking’ NOW! it is also available on Amazon, so for all you Amazon lovers here a link for you guys too

Don’t miss out on your copy of this catchy track by Bharat Goel Ft. Pankaj Khanna make sure ‘Parking’ is the newest tune blaring in your car!

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