Posted on December 13, 2010 at 7:33 am

Music What's Happenin'

Shizzio "Joe Daki"

This Grime artist has taken the main stream with a BIG BANG! I love him and I am sure your going to love him just as much!

Shizzio, hailed as the Asian Eminem by East London Grime legend Lethal Bizzle! With over 1.5 million myspace views Shizzio is lyrically blessed and takes everyones breath away with his lyrics! This amazing Asian Grime artist Born and Bred in East London is growing and won’t stop! So watch out people for Shizzio! Love him, Listen to him and hot him up on  KEEP IT UP SHIZZIO YOUR DOING US PROUD!

I am going to leave you with one of his latest, I love it! Enjoy!

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