Posted on December 7, 2010 at 10:23 am

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Nude Fix

Before anyone gets excited and thinks this is some racy, raunchy post, I want to make a disclaimer: it’s not! It’s actually about my recent obsession with nude lip colors. I am not remotely fair but I still love wearing nude lipsticks. I remember back in the day I had a fascination with it too but let’s not talk about the cheap glittery too light lips days!! Recently I found two of my favorite shades of nude: Glamour G20 by Sephora and Honey Love by M.A.C.

If your nude colors usually look too pale on you here’s what you can do: melt it down and make it into a lip color balm!! I simply took an old Blistex chapstick container and scooped out the lipstick, melted in the microwave, and let it reset and voila, the color instantly becomes sheer and easier to deal with! If you’re afraid to melt down your lipsticks then I suggest applying it by finger. It’s lessens the harshness and possibility of the walking zombie look.  You can and should apply a lip balm before putting on any nude shade to prevent the imperfections and dead skin on your lips from being put on blast.  Make sure to add on a clear or light lipgloss on top for the final touch.

With these few simple tricks, there is no doubt that you will be able to conquer this season’s nude trend effortlessly.

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