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*Exclusive* Mumzy Stranger: the "Journey Begins"

Anyone who even remotely loves desi music is probably aware of our next interviewee – Mumzy Stranger.  Discovered by Rishi Rich, Mumzy has quickly become the hottest artist in the urban scene and has collaborated with the likes of H.Dhami, Malkit Singh, Sophie Choudhary (aka VJ Sophie), Ramzi, Jassi Sidhu, among many others.  In 2010, Mumzy was nominated for the “Best Newcomer Act” and won “Best Urban Asian Act”, ahead of Jay Sean, AG Dolla, Sef, Roach Killa, and Shizzio.  He’s no stranger to making sick beats and his tracks make you want to dance more often than Ellen does on her show!  The track Mumzy is best known for is probably 2009’s dance jam: “One More Dance.” (video at the end of the interview)  Now, Mumzy is gearing up for his debut album release (1 week from today) on 12-12-2010.   Read below for all the scoop!

Roopa: For those readers who may be “strangers” to your music (though I bet they are a minority), how would you describe who you are as an artist?

Mumzy: Well, firstly, I’m an R’n’B-Soulful-“Bashment” artist who raps and sings.  I’m a songwriter, producer, dancer.  I’ve recorded massive records with Rishi Rich, which you can go checkout right now.

[note to our UA readers who may not know – “Bashment” refers to  “DanceHall” music]

Roopa: How did Rishi Rich discover your talent?

Mumzy: Rishi picked me up in 2005 at the BBC Unsung competition where I was a runner up.  He said “you’ve got talent boy” and kept in touch from then.

Roopa: Have you always known you wanted to be a singer?

Mumzy: Lol… Eerrm not really, it’s always been a dream and still is to be honest. But I did see my self doing something in the music industry.

Roopa: Complete the sentence: “If I were not a singer…”

Mumzy: “If I were not a singer, I would be a fashion stylist…”

Roopa: Well, you’re already a fashion icon, so you can knock that off your “to do” list!  You’re also a fantastic dancer.  Your single “One More Dance” was one of the biggest jams in the UK and US desi scene and featured some amazing dance moves in the video.  Do you think we’ll ever see “Mumzy Stranger” on UK’s Dancing with the Stars?

Mumzy: Bless thanks…Lol…haha… Why not!  If I had a chance to then I’ll give it a try!  Don’t know how good I’ll be…

Roopa: Your debut album, “Journey Begins” releases 12-12-2010.  Where do you hope that your journey in music takes you?

Mumzy: A step forward for starters, I’m all about branching out, and it’s my first album, which is exciting for me, so I see it as a take off. I’m hoping it gets to a wider audience.

Roopa: Do you hope that you can cross-over to the US like Jay Sean did?

Mumzy: That’s every singer’s dream!  I hope I do!  I’m working really hard to get to there.  I’m sure Jay did as well.

Roopa: Can you please give our readers a preview of what type of songs (dance, R&B, etc.) they should expect on your debut album?

Mumzy: You got a bit of Hip hop, R&B, Dance, Acoustic, Pop and ballad vibes! Everything!!!

Roopa: What is your favorite track from “Journey Begins”?

Mumzy: Mmm… It has to be “Left With None” really deep song.

Roopa: If you could collaborate with one artist (whom you have not worked with) who would it be and why?  Personally, I think a Mumzy-Usher collaboration would be amazing.

Mumzy: How weird, you are spot on! Usher it has to be! He’s the best!

Roopa:  I remember reading somewhere that you’re a big fan of reggae.  Do you think we’ll hear this style on any of your upcoming tracks?

Mumzy: Yes I am and you will in my second album.  I’m working on some stuff already!  All about reggae!

Roopa: What’s your favorite reggae song?  Would you sport some dreds if you did a reggae track? 🙂

Mumzy: It has to “Mr Loverman” by Shabba Ranks! Lol… Nah, I probably get kidnapped… (*smiles*)

Roopa: Now that your debut album will be releasing, will you be working on a tour in the UK-US and when can your fans expect to see you live?

Mumzy: Yes, I will start off in the UK with my Concert on 18th Dec at Stratford Circus performing with a live band and, hopefully, be going abroad to showcase the album early next year.

Roopa: What one word do you think encapsulates and embodies who “Mumzy” the artist is?

Mumzy: Positive!

Roopa: Is there anything else you would like to say to readers of

Mumzy: To all my fans – thank you so much for supporting me up to now!  Please carry on by buying a copy of my album which is available to pre order now from iTunes and out on 12/12/10 this is the only way artist will keep giving you good music x

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