Posted on November 27, 2010 at 1:20 pm

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Weekly Update: Will Sanchi and Shravan Break-up?

This week Shravan and Sanchi get stuck in Sanchi’s uncle’s anger and the Shreya-Bunty love story. They still have Kannu, Shravan’s pretend son, and when Sanchi tries to do a DNA test to find out the truth, Kannu confesses that he is an orphan. Shravan and Sanchi get closer because of the Bunty-Shreya drama and that is when Kannu leaves because his work is done, he’s brought Shravan and Sanchi together.

After Sanchi and Shravan tell Shreya’s parents the truth, Shreya’s dad chased Shravan out of the house with a broom and locked Shreya in her room. Mamaji has a very short temper and he keeps giving Shravan’s dad threating calls which gets Shravan into more trouble!

While trying to help out Shreya and Bunty, Shravan realizes that to keep Sanchi he, like Bunty, will also need a job. Shravan then tells his father he will start working at the office. Shravan keeps teasing Sanchi on purpose about flirting with hot girls in the office and moving on after the divorce but he really loves Sanchi so much he just can’t stop staring at her. The rest of the family is very proud that Shravan has finally become more responsible as well. After Shravan goes to work he finds out that Sanchi is the new PR secretary! He was happily surprised. The entire day he kept picking on Sanchi and irritating her. During lunch Shravan’s dad caught the couple eating under the table and he sent Sanchi home because she was a distraction to Shravan.

With only one day left until their contract is over Shravan takes Sanchi on a long drive to a beautiful garden and because Sanchi said she wouldn’t get out of the car unless something special happened, like if it rained. Of course, how could the writers not have it magically rain?  The spent some romantic moments together where Shravan said he will tell Sanchi something special tomorrow, their last night.

When their last night comes around, Shravan uses Nidhi bhabi’s help to get the family out of the house so he can have the most amazingly romantic date, a date that will have your heart racing with excitement!

This is just the beginning of this uber romantic date, be sure to watch next week for the rest of the date! Looks like Shravan and Sanchi are finally going to say I love you to each other! Or will there be another misunderstanding? What could go wrong?

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