Posted on November 15, 2010 at 5:42 pm

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Salman Khan "On a New High"

MW Magazine asks “Why this man is on a new high” in their latest edition! Salman Khan is featured in the magazine with details of a juicy interview with the super star where he reveals some Bollywood secrets, controversies that surround him, his successes and failures, his love life and much more! Salman also talks about the body-building craze that he began in the South Asian world as well as his future directorial ambitions.

Salman Khan is seen in a simple polo shirt (got to have the collar popped of course!) and a white tweed blazer. The magazine cover doesn’t focus on his clothes but his facial expression. It’s always the man that makes the clothes, not the clothes that make the man. It is intense, yet he has a slight hint of a smirk showing two sides of Salman Khan. And of course we can’t forget the perfectly styled full head of (implanted) hair!

After all of these years, Salman Khan is still at the top of his game. Currently he is the host of the show Bigg Boss on NDTV Imagine, but maybe we’ll see some of Salman’s directorial work soon?

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