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3 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Wedding Seasons

Cast: Pallavi Sharda, Suraj Sharma

Director: Tom Dey

OTT: Netflix


Love is a beautiful feeling… ! And as I write this, there might be some hearts falling in love. In the current ongoing scenario, the generation follows love at fight sight, and as it starts, it also ends with breakups at first fights.


Wedding Seasons Review: A set-up romance blossom into true love!
Wedding Seasons Review: A set-up romance blossoms into true love!


However, the stories of Asha (played by Pallavi Sharda) and Ravi (played by Suraj Sharma) are way more different. Set against a backdrop of wedding planning, invites and mingling. The film will explore the story of two strangers set up by their parents to meet on a date.


The two later agreed to FAKE date for 14 weddings to keep the gossipy aunties and their parents’ scheming temporarily at bay but actually end up falling for each other.


There are different deceptions and disclosures – Ravi’s on-paper résumé does not match his IRL one, Asha has her own motives but is not being emotionally honest – all leading to a happy ever after, all ultimately harmless.


Even yet, it’s entertaining to watch Ravi and Asha grow in love; Sharma can carry a whole scene with his eyes – deep pools of benevolence – while Sharda thrums with the jittery energy of juggling too many competing interests.


The two share a realistic connection that makes the numerous deceptions appear insignificant, and the chasteness of their courtship (sex is scarcely indicated) seems weird and antiquated.


Wedding Season depicts the story of Asha and Ravi, who are under enormous pressure from their families to find a partner so they may have their own lavish weddings, and neither is thrilled about the continual bombardment of inquiries. Like most Netflix romcoms, the film achieves a visual balance between adequate and chintzy.


Within the Netflix house style, Dey’s direction is almost nameless (though there is a Bollywood dance credits sequence). Scenes at Asha’s desolate workplace, where her debonair employer, James (Damian Thompson), and coworker Tina (Ruth Goodwin), pitch investors for a London headquarters, are reminiscent of Emily in Paris light.


The 14 weddings give costume designer Courtney Mitchell plenty of room to dress the group in a variety of lovely costumes.


It’s always pleasing to the eye to watch the versatile and handsome actor Suraj Sharma. His acting has always raised the bar with different roles, either in a film like Life of Pi or a show like How I Met Your Father. He has been a perfect fit for this romantic comedy as an ‘Indian groom’, which every girl desire!


While on the other hand, Pallavi Sharda also marks a remarkable performance as the stubborn workaholic, secretly lonely shrew to be tamed. Her stellar mark as an Indian girl is just par excellence with her skills.


The film also stars Rizwan Manji, Veena Sood, Arianna Afsar, Sean Kleier, and Rakhee Morzaria Manoj Sood; their characters have done exceptionally well in the storyline. And changed the mood of thoughts around the main characters.


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