Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Review: It Is Dangerous For Your Nails

4.5 Urbanasian Rating

John Krasinski stars as the titular Jack Ryan, an ex-Marine turned desk jockey at the CIA who is a staunch supporter and protector of his nation. He is tasked with tracking terrorist cells’ finances. When former CIA case officer James “Jim” Greer (Wendell Pierce) is demoted to Jack’s department. Jack’s 1st meeting with his new boss is more like a nervous boy-meeting-girlfriend’s-over-protective-dad-affair. Jack sees an opportunity to share some theories about a cell forming in Syria led by Islamic activist Suleiman (played, coincidentally by Ali Suliman).

Talking about the main character Jack Ryan, he is an average Joe and there may have never been a better choice for Jack Ryan that John Krasinski. Krasinski who is everybody’s favorite mediocre American male in The Office’s Jim Halpert makes everyone believe in his mediocrity even as Jack Ryan. Jack Ryan also has an Ivy League degree and can use the armory. Jack is determined to avoid creating another “Bin-Laden” is what his sole purpose feels like.


Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland; the duo from “Lost” fame are the conductors of this chaotic orchestra. Jack Ryan has layers to him like an onion and Director Morten Tyldum skins them off like one MasterChef. The call of keeping the Arabic dialogues between the natives and not pretending to make them talk in fluent English accent is what gives the show an authenticity and we applaud that even though that will make us keep the subtitles on. When the scene moves from desk to the war zone it gives evidence of Michael Bay’s hand in the show’s production with all that bullets, bombs and aerial strikes destroying everything in and out of its range.


Amazon Prime’s Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is dangerous for your nails. Consider yourself warned.

UrbanAsian ranks Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 4.5 stars on his chest.

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