, The Zoya Factor Review: This Lucky Charm Fails To Hit A Boundary

2.5 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: The Zoya Factor
Directed By: Abhishek Sharma
Cast: Sonam K Ahuja, Dulquer Salmaan, Angad Bedi, Sanjay Kapoor, Sikander Kher, Koel Puri, Manurishi Chaddha
Run Time: 134 Minutes
Review By: Ishaan Varma

The Zoya Factor
The Zoya Factor

The Zoya Factor centers around Zoya (Sonam Kapoor) who is born on the same day India won the 1983 cricket World Cup. She is considered to be a lucky charm by her family when it comes to winning matches. Zoya, who is a junior copywriter in an ad agency is sent on an ad photoshoot with the Indian cricket team.

When a love-struck Zoya meets Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan), captain of the Indian cricket team, they hit it off instantly. Nikhil believes only in hard work whereas his team believes in luck. So when she tells them the story of her luck over breakfast, the entire team starts eating out of her hands because of her ‘luck factor’. What follows thereafter is what the movie is all about.

Talking about acting, Dulquer Salmaan absolutely steals the show. From serious moments to comedy, Dulquer has absolutely smashed the movie with his acting. Sonam, on the other hand, has over-acted in many of the scenes. Her performance was definitely not the best. The others performed decently.

When it comes to direction, Abhishek Sharma has done a great job is using many jump cuts to keep the film interesting. Zoya breaking the 3rd wall was a good concept to tell the story as well as add a comedy element to the movie. One of the many drawbacks was the ending which was not able to put an intense feeling in audience heart.
The writing of the film is good – there were many funny Bollywood references that will definitely tickle your funny bone.

The film’s cinematography is good but the music and songs are another negative the film has scored.

Overall, The Zoya Factor was a time pass film. We would give it 2.5 stars – only for Dulquer Salmaan.

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