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The second season of the popular OTT series ‘Duranga’ stars Drashti Dhami, Amit Sadh, and Gulshan Devaiah in lead roles of the thriller drama. ‘Duranga 2’ picks up where the first season left off, with Dhami’s character (Ira Jaykar Patel) still trying to close the case of who Bala Banne’s accomplice is, as she learns more about her husband (Devaiah’s character) true identity. 

Duranga 2
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Amit Sadh joins the cast as Sammit Patel, a psychopathic serial killer who wakes up from a coma to realize that his parents adopted Devaiah’s character (Abhishek Banne) to take over Sammit Patel’s identity. Sadh’s character becomes obsessed with trying to take over Banne’s life, and especially forms a relationship with Banne’s daughter that he shares with Dhami’s character Ira. 

Sadh’s performance as a psychotic killer is phenomenal: he does a fantastic job of showing the nuances of someone who is severely mentally ill and showing signs of a lack of empathy, while also caring deeply for a young girl that he thinks of as his daughter. His ability to showcase the different hues of the character’s personality brings it to life on screen, and has the viewers invested in the ending of his story. 

Dhami and Devaiah also portray their characters incredibly well, with viewers not able to figure out what Devaiah’s character’s truth is, even towards the latter half of the season. Dhami’s character Ira is also struggling with learning about her husband’s true identity and not knowing if he’s also a killer, while living in the same house as him. Dhami flawlessly portrays the betrayal of a wife, while showing the strength her character portrays. 

‘Duranga 2’ is now streaming worldwide on ZEE5 Global!

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