Posted on February 15, 2018 at 9:52 pm

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Spill Ur Beanz: Breaks Down The Walls Of Stereotypes And Prejudice!

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Spill Your Beanz a talk show with a vision to break down the walls of Stereotypes and Prejudice while building bridges to connect all the Diverse Cultures of our beautiful country Canada.

Jas Anand, host of the show says,

We have a dream… a vision. There is still bad out there in all forms, from racism to misogyny to name a few.

Jas Further adds,

Why does bad exist? The reason for a lot of bad out there is because most people are still fear based and they jump to conclusions that lead them having their current mindset; unfortunately “birds of the same feather flock together” and people become divided and even more set in their ways.

Our whole goal is to get rid of the “bad” and increase the good in our world and the way we’re going to do it is by spreading good ideas. Acquisition of knowledge dissolves fear; learning different perspectives from other people give you the courage to take action, to stand united for what’s right, to stand united against what’s wrong and ultimately spread good.

Building the character to the show Jas keeps it on the lighter side with little bit of humor! He further adds,

Spill Ur Beanz… in the beginning, this was going to be the name of my cafe. The idea originated quite a while ago when I was way back in high school in the mid 90’s. We would sneak out late at night and meet up with friends at an old coffee shop. There we would always see couples get together. I figured that’s where most people probably “Spilled their beans” to their “crushes”… No, I never did spill mine, but thought what a great name for a Cafe. Now my Cafe is Called SippChai, and that is where we…

Show Organizer and an enterpenuer Nick Man is another diverse part of the show. He adds,

I still remember working 16 hour days, especially at the beginning of the season and as I got better and more efficient those hours became shorter.

Harbir Talhan who works as a registered nurse delivers the health tips to the show while helping the communities. She quotes,

I share health tips about some of the most common health issues that we encounter, in hopes of spreading the message to many!

Spill Ur Beanz is on air on Saturdays at 3 PM PST,Shaw CH 10, Telus CH 123, Bell CH 656. Like and follow us on our social media. And keep your eyes peeled for our tv episodes on JoyTV!

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