Posted on November 5, 2023 at 11:30 pm

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Family Love and Support: Shamita Shetty’s heartfelt note to Jiju Raj Kundra

In a heartwarming display of family support and admiration, actress Shamita Shetty took to social media to express her profound pride for her brother-in-law, Raj Kundra.

Photo courtesy Shamita team
Photo courtesy Shamita team

The occasion was the release of Raj Kundra’s biopic, “UT69,” which hit the screens today.

In a touching note filled with warmth and appreciation, Shamita shared her sentiments about the man who has overcome personal challenges and emerged stronger than ever.

She captioned her post,

“My Dearest Jiju @onlyrajkundra,the way you have overcome your personal challenges it has only made you stronger and more resilient. It’s a common saying that “what doesn’t break you makes you stronger,” in the face of great adversity you have come out the other side with an unwavering heart and increased tenacity. Your personal growth as a human has shown us the true meaning of hope and fortitude

Can’t wait for everyone to watch #UT69 . Not only have u shown your own painful journey but you have also touched the lives of the forgotten undertrials awaiting justice!

Shahnawazali1 can’t believe this is ur first film. You have handled such a sensitive subject with a touch of humour. So classily done! Brilliant natural performances from all the supporting cast. Kudos n much love n success to all of you”

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