Posted on August 12, 2023 at 12:34 pm


Ruhaan Rajput is here to make you fall In Love With His Exceptional Acting and upcoming Melancholic song Bin Tere

Ruhann Rajput, a well-known celebrity in the entertainment industry. He rose to prominence as a result of his outstanding performances in numerous music videos and short films. He has appeared in several music videos by many famous singers, including Armaan Malik. His music videos have received over a million views on YouTube alone. He is receiving praise across the country for his expressive and innocent performance in the song. Ruhaan will appear in the next single, ‘Bin Tere’. His fans have gone crazy since the release of his new music video has been announced, hoping to see his incredible acting once more.

Ruhaan Rajput has been in the entertainment industry for the last Six years. Throughout those years, he has gained significant experience and goodwill. Being in the field of acting, he has professionally trained himself in acting and Dancing. With his versatility and experience, he is the first choice of many directors and singers for the music videos, and films. Acting was Ruhaan’s first choice, as the flexibility and creative satisfaction that came with it caught his interest. He has procured wide-spread acclaim for his prior and upcoming endeavours.

Red Ribbon Music is a well-known music production house that has a wide reach and appeal. Soon, written by Pratik Mazmudar, the Melancholic song ‘Bin Tere’ will be released by the Music House. Sung Ravi Chowdhury and Avi have provided the background score. The entire team has worked tirelessly to guarantee an enthralling experience for your ears. While also ensuring that your eyes have a pleasant experience as well, Ruhaan Rajput, the rising star, has been casted. There is no room for error or complaint since the team has left no scope for either. And demonstrating the best of what they have to offer by working on little detailing and remarkable hard work.

The team’s smartest decision was to cast Ruhaan in the music video. Remembering his previous experience in the film ‘Paama,’ where he delivered another eye-catching performance that helped the film garner millions of views. His forthcoming Music Video is likely to break all records once again owing to the incredible work done. Ruhaan and the crew are likewise quite delighted to see its success. The song is a beautiful love tale about two people who are profoundly in love with each other. Ruhaan Rajput and the team of ‘Bin Tere’ are all set to serve the best music experience till date.

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