Posted on August 16, 2023 at 2:38 am


Ritabhari Chakraborty’s heartwarming Independence Day Tradition: Celebrating with her Ideal School of Deaf

Ritabhari Chakraborty, actress and philanthropist, continues her heartwarming tradition of celebrating Independence Day with her students of the Ideal School of Deaf.

Photo courtesy Ritabhari Chakraborty team
Photo courtesy Ritabhari Chakraborty team

This annual event showcases the remarkable talents of these young individuals. The children, despite their hearing impairments, enchant the audience with their vibrant performances.

Ritabhari’s commitment to this cause highlights the importance of inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. Through this celebration, she not only raises awareness about the capabilities of differently-abled children but also encourages the society to embrace diversity.


Her efforts serve as a reminder that every individual, regardless of their challenges, can contribute positively to the community.

As the Ideal School of Deaf reverberates with the sounds of joy and artistic expression, Ritabhari’s involvement fosters a sense of unity and patriotism, making this annual event a beacon of hope and inspiration for everyone present.

On the work front Chakraborty just wrapped up her another project called Nandini. Her character in the series Nandini, adapted from Sayantani Putatunda’s book, showcases a mother’s unwavering determination to save her girl child, who mysteriously calls her mother even before birth.


The series challenges patriarchal norms like female infanticide, adding to Chakraborty’s impactful portrayals of strong female characters, breaking stereotypes in the entertainment industry.

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