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Unveiling the Way of Life of New Zealand : An Expat’s Guide

New Zealand has emerged as a top pick for expats in search of exceptional living standards, spectacular natural scenery, and a hospitable culture. Whether you’re chasing a slower pace, a new adventure, or a fresh start, this island nation has an array of opportunities and experiences to offer.


In this guide, we delve into what life as an expat in New Zealand looks like, detailing what you can anticipate from this vibrant, dynamic country.

Cultural Diversity

New Zealand is a rich tapestry of cultures, including the influential Maori culture, crucial to the nation’s identity. Its imprint is apparent in diverse areas of Kiwi (New Zealander) life, from art and music to food and language. The local demeanor is typically friendly, easy-going, and casual, guaranteeing a warm reception.


Besides the Maori culture, New Zealand is a cultural hotpot, home to immigrant communities from the UK, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. This cultural fusion has resulted in a unique confluence of traditions and customs, making New Zealand an intriguing country to explore.

The Kiwi Way of Life

New Zealand’s way of life revolves around a laid-back, outdoorsy, and family-centric approach. Given the country’s extraordinary natural beauty and vast outdoor spaces, Kiwis love spending time in nature and partaking in activities like hiking, skiing, surfing, and fishing. This love for outdoor fun and a sound work-life balance bolsters New Zealand’s robust tourism industry and its reputation as an ideal family-friendly destination.


In spite of its small size, the country offers a rich assortment of cultural, gastronomic, and entertainment experiences. It boasts a vibrant arts and music scene, and an array of events and festivals all year round. Kiwis are known for their love for fine food and wine, offering an impressive selection of restaurants, cafes, and vineyards to explore. With a strong public transport network, domestic and international travel is convenient.

Living Expenses

While the cost of living in New Zealand aligns with most developed Western nations, some costs can be slightly steeper. Housing, particularly in sought-after areas like Auckland and Wellington, can be pricey. However, daily expenses, including food and transportation, are relatively affordable, and salaries often surpass those in other countries.


It’s important to note that the New Zealand dollar (NZD) is usually weaker than other major currencies like the US dollar or the euro. Hence, while some items may seem pricey in NZD, they might be cheaper when converted to your home currency. Plus, taxes in New Zealand are typically inclusive in the price of goods and services, eliminating the need for additional sales tax or tipping.


Ultimately, the cost of living in New Zealand will depend on your lifestyle and where you choose to reside. Research the living expenses in various areas, and plan your budget accordingly. As an expat, you may qualify for certain tax benefits or financial incentives, so investigate these options before moving.

Employment Opportunities

With a robust economy and low unemployment rate, New Zealand is an attractive prospect for expats seeking job opportunities. Sectors like technology, agriculture, tourism, and healthcare abound with opportunities. Known for their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, the Kiwi workforce operates in an encouraging environment for startups and small businesses.


Moreover, New Zealand has various immigration programs aimed at attracting skilled workers and entrepreneurs, offering quick visas, financial incentives, and other benefits to qualifying individuals. Whether you’re hunting for a new challenge or planning to start your own venture, New Zealand provides an inviting, supportive setting for expats seeking employment opportunities.

Healthcare System

New Zealand’s public healthcare system offers free or cost-effective healthcare services to all citizens, permanent residents, and some temporary visa holders. With its top-tier care and advanced medical technology, New Zealand’s healthcare system ranks among the world’s best.


Funded by taxes, the system covers services including GP visits, hospital care, and prescription medications. Private healthcare services are also available for those who prefer or require additional coverage.

Education Standards

New Zealand’s top-notch education system emphasizes student-centric learning and a variety of academic and vocational programs. Known for its rigorous universities and highly-ranked colleges, the country also offers various vocational training programs, delivering practical skills and hands-on experience for those aiming for specific industries. Furthermore, the education system is accessible and affordable, with a range of scholarships and financial aid options for domestic and international students.

Immigration Policies in a nutshell

New Zealand offers several programs that allow expats to live and work in the country, including schemes for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and family members of New Zealand citizens and residents. The eligibility requirements differ by program, but typically involve criteria related to age, health, character, and skills or qualifications. In certain cases, proficiency in English may also be required.


Successful applicants may also need to secure a visa and fulfill certain conditions, such as maintaining employment or enrolling in a study program. Expats should thoroughly research their options and ensure they meet the eligibility criteria before applying for a visa or residency.


In summary, with a robust economy, a welcoming culture, and superior education and healthcare systems, New Zealand offers a high standard of living. Whether you’re in search of new adventures, career opportunities, or simply a change of scenery, it’s an excellent destination for expats aiming to create a fulfilling life abroad.

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