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Delightfully Deceitful: Chun Woo Hee and Kim Dong Wook’s Unforgettable Chemistry and Their Love for Bollywood

Delightfully Deceitful”, the title itself has a mischievous appeal to it. Studio Dragon’s intriguing psychological thriller stars Chun Woo Hee( Be Melodramatic, Argon ) and Kim Dong Wook ( Find Me In Your Memory, Perfect Stranger &Coffee Prince) are caught in a delicious web of intrigue.

Chun Woo Hee plays Lee Ro Um, who has served a jail term for murdering her parents. By the time she has been cleared of her charges, she is a young adult and a street smart con artist. She is deemed a psychopath and as she seeks out revenge, the biggest hurdle in her way is her empathetic lawyer Han Moo Young( Kim Dong Wook). An interesting role reversal of sorts, given the emotional divide between the characters.


Talking to Urban Asian, Chun Woo Hee said she was taken in with the title and the unusual scenario of the show .”The ironic title ‘Delightfully Deceitful’ caught my eyes. I chose this drama because of the contradicting features like someone who has  hyper-empathy versus someone devoid of empathy. A  con artist and a lawyer working together bring a tension to the drama, and the people Lee Ro-um has  connections with is something like getting caught in a spider web, which very was intriguing to see. Being able to go through various changes throughout just one show was very appealing to me as an actor.

If there was one aspect of playing Lee Ro-um that I was particularly attentive to, it was the balance. It was important for me to balance my performance in order to properly express both the overall color of the drama and the depth of the character. I think I was particularly concerned about this part because I had to take the dynamics of the caper genre and have a light rhythm at the basis, but also express a heavy and poignant emotional line when expressing the deep narrative underlying it”


Kim Dong Wook Han Moo-young’s who suffers from hyper-empathy which makes him feel other people’s emotions deeply, and even their physical pain at times. This makes him a highly moral and conscientious lawyer. As he is nicknamed ” Vampire” actor Kim Dong Wook says, “I believe the nickname ‘Vampire’ comes from his cold and calculating side. Getting the opportunity to play a character with a layered personality is what actors desire. It intrigued me that while most lawyer characters tend to focus on showcasing their professional abilities, Han Moo-young’s story from “Delightfully Deceitful”, is mainly fighting for justice alongside people he never should be associating with outside the courtroom, and forming connections and friendships with them”.

Last seen as Hae Joon, a news anchor in “My Perfect Stranger”, a man who is trying to get to the truth. When we asked him is he anything like his reel characters, when it comes to finding solutions?

“Both Yoon Hae-joon from ‘My Perfect Stranger’ and Han Moo-young from ‘Delightfully Deceitful’ would have had it difficult had it not been the help of the people around them. Both characters make courageous choices in their lives and exhibit consideration and empathy towards others, making them truly captivating characters. It’s something I aspire to emulate” says Kim Dong Wook.


On the other hand his co star Chun Woo Hee  admits that its the thirst to work on her potential as an actor which keeps her motivated. Her turn as a rebellious stranger in Sunny ( 2011) to Ro Um in “Delightfully Deceitful” the actor says “Acting is always a challenge. The story, characters, and the co-workers… There never can be the same set of situations, so acting is never quite easy. However, it is through direct confrontation with unknown challenges that we often find excitement and stimulation, and sometimes, it even brings about tremendous synergy. When I embody and acquire these experiences with my whole being, and when everything I feel is conveyed and shared with the audience, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.


She hilariously responds when asked if she was to meet Ro Um in real life.

“If actor Chun Woo Hee meets Lee Ro Um in real life, I want to tell her, “I hope you gain happiness.”

What do I want her to teach me? Well, I don’t know, what should I learn from her? (laughs)”

With the surging popularity of K Dramas and with production house Studio Dragon itself emerging as a key player in storytelling both actors feel proud and grateful that content is being well received. Kim Dong Wook surprised that” Coffee Prince” continues to remain a crowd favorite says Kim Dong Wook.

“As a Korean actor, I feel extremely grateful that people from around the world are enjoying K-dramas. While it may be challenging for me to speak on behalf of others, I believe that the increasing number of accessible platforms worldwide and the growing audience base allow for the presentation of diverse stories and genres. As an actor, I am grateful for the opportunity to portray characters that can embody these aspects.”

Chun Woo Hee on the other hand admits to being a fan of Bollywood and Indian food.

“I like Indian films that deliver positive messages. For example, “Wrestling Competition( Dangal)”, “Three Idiots”, “Lunchbox”, and “Slumdog Millionaire”. I love the films that are moving, in any genre. I love all Indian food”.


Delightfully Deceitful can be watched on TVN and TVING

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