Posted on March 14, 2023 at 7:45 pm

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Passport Canada Denies A Temporary Passport After Several Attempts

Passport Canada Denies A Temporary Passport After Several Attempts

Passport Canada Denies A Temporary Passport After Several Attempts

March 13, 2023, SURREY, BC: Applicant Jasvinder Kaur appeared for the 4th time to apply for a new passport. Jasvinder is a Canadian Citizen and has lost her identification which includes her Canadian Citizenship certificate, passport, and landed papers due to a tragedy.

She applied for a new passport via mail and her application was returned after 6 months in October 2022. Passport Canada requested Canadian citizenship papers.

Jasvinder visited passport Canada in November again to explain the situation and what can be done. She was told there is an alternative to getting her a temporary passport

Jasvinder had a Canadian passport and has been living in Canada for over 20 years. She is a good citizen and has a clean record. Jasvinder has been working for many years. She is a resident of Surrey, British Columbia.

The office hours for passport Canada are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. There are long line up and the service is very slow. In order to get in a line and have the paperwork done? One has to take a day off. She states she has already taken 4 days off from work. It is causing her stress and also loss of wages.

Applicant Jasvinder once again visited the passport office and was told that she can have a temporary passport if she can show proof that she has applied for the citizenship certificate.

The wait time to receive her citizenship paper is a minimum of 2 years if everything goes right.

So Now Jasvinder will have to wait another two years to get her proof of citizenship and then another 6 months to get her passport?

So why exactly Passport Canada is denying her access to her passport when she is already in the system? She has shown proof that she has reapplied for her citizenship certificate. She has also provided the required reference on the passport application.

What is the reason Passport Canada is holding her request for a temporary passport when she is already in the system and had a Canadian passport? She has already waited for one year to receive a passport. And total wait period to gather her other documents are 2-3 years.

Does that mean she can not travel for another three years? Why can’t she be issued a temporary passport when she already has a Canadian Passport?

She can be reached at for any further queries.

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